Podcast Episode 27 – Dan Liddicott: Easing of the Lockdown, Rory Stewart, & the Fiasco Part 2

We are joined by Dan Liddicott, the Chairman of the Libertarian Party UK, as we discuss the impending easing of the lockdown restrictions, the end of Rory Stewart’s Mayoral campaign and the latest in the fiasco that is the Electoral Commission. We then chat with Dan about his role with the Libertarian Party and their plans for the future.

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On the next election: “I’d like to get 30 odd candidates stand and I’d like to have them get more than a 1000 votes each. That’s what I’d like to see, at that point the press and the national attention starts to look at you.”

‪“We are the only ones that understand the importance of defending the smallest minority of all, which is you the individual”‬

‪On the Electoral Commission: “it’s incompetence or it is activism. Which one is it? Because it isn’t nether, and I’m very concerned, if it’s the later, if it’s activism, then we’ve got a serious problem in this country”

“We are under emergency powers, if policy is being decided by just 4 people, that’s not great is it? We need more scrutiny than that”

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Podcast Episode 32 – Bill Etheridge: TPA’s City Hall Rich List, Japan Trade Deal & Cancellation Culture

We are joined by Bill Etheridge, the former UKIP, Libertarian Party & Brexit Party MEP, as we discuss the Taxpayers Alliance’s City Hall Rich List, a potential new trade deal with japan and the Cancellation Culture attacking our historic statues and even beloved TV shows & films. We then chat with Bill about his time in politics, the demise of UKIP and the future of Classical Liberalism in this country.

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Full Podcast with Bill including interview
Bill Etheridge Interview

Bill from the Podcast:

“over 10 years of supposedly Conservative government and I’m old enough to remember before they got in, they were going to sort all of this out and have bonfires of quangos…  still more than a decade on these obscene salaries are being paid out”

“we’re still an enormous economy, we’re very important in terms of diplomatic links, we are a hugely important country and of course people want to do deals with us”

“all of these things they want to erase, so they can start a new narrative, start from year zero.  This is a modern day version of a cultural revolution”

“there was a little game that the staff that worked with us as MEPs, used to sit down and do a bingo, and they would try and find the Thatcher or Reagan quotes that I slipped into my speeches”

“Nigel Farage is the most effective and inspiring politician for patriotic right of centre politics, that there has been for many years”

“partly I wanted to make a statement that Libertarianism is something people should look at.  Because it’s not discussed, people don’t talk about Libertarianism”

“it’s a tough old game being in politics, especially when you’ve got a bit of a reputation behind you, you become a target for all sorts of things, and if I’m going to do it, I’m going to do it for a party I actually believe in and it’s worth making the sacrifices”

“If you believe in something, don’t just sit in the pub with a couple of mates talking about it, don’t just type something on Twitter, or whatever.  Actually actively pursue that interest and try to make a difference”

London Libertarian (Online) Meet Up

The Croydon Constitutionalists are a non-partisan group, but like to work with parties and groups that support our aims and support Classical Liberal ideals.

We are delighted to host the ‘London Libertarian (Online) Meet Up’ with our friends in the Libertarian Party.  Open to anyone with Libertarian sympathies and views but led by the Libertarian Party.

If this is for you join us Friday, 15 May 2020 anytime between 7:30pm to 10:30pm.  Go to https://www.gotomeet.me/CroydonConstitutionalists and download the GoToMeeting app.

The invite details are also on Facebook.

Podcast Episode 20 – The Future of Freedom & “Liberalism” in the UK

We are joined once again by Sean Finch of the Libertarian Party and Hoong-Wai Cheah of UKIP to discuss the future of democracy & freedom in the UK, Progressive Liberalism vs Classical Liberalism and how we can fight back against the woke culture so prevalent in parts of our society today.




Podcast Episode 18 – Mal McDermott: Libertarianism, Irish Politics & Brexit.

We talk to Mal McDermott of the Libertarian Party about Libertarianism and how the Party would tackle issues such as knife crime. We also discuss Irish politics, the upcoming General Election in the Republic and Brexit.

We have previously interviewed Mal in written form, and he spoke at our My Tuppenceworth free speech event on Corporate responsibility to free speech in a free market.




Interview with Malachy McDermott, London Group Leader of the Libertarian Party

Always keen to support people prepared to support Brexit. The Croydon Constitutionalists spoke to Malachy McDermott, London Group Leader of the Libertarian Party.

He has also a published author who has written for Mises.org, with a Degree in Economics and English Literature from University College Dublin he currently works in Finance.

The Libertarian Party believe in limited government, personal freedom, support Brexit and pertinently a written constitution.

The Croydon Constitutionalists have previously interviewed the Libertarian Party’s Sean Finch and Mike made the personal sacrifice of travelling to their sister party in the US to interview the Libertarians of Orange County California.

Malachy thanks for your time.

Not everyone is fully familiar with your party. Can you tell us a bit about them?

The Libertarian Party is unique in British politics as it is the only party to truly speak for the rights of the individual. In an increasingly state controlled society, whether that be through crony capitalism or direct control of the economy, the individual is left by the wayside. From the Nanny State to the Victimisation of peaceful people are scope to exit without being licensed, taxed or otherwise infringed upon dwindles almost daily. The Libertarian party understands that free people able to make free decisions for which they accept the consequences is the best way for a society to function.

“An out of control central bank and increased social control by the state are issues that are not addressed by any party but the Libertarian Party”

How does the Libertarian Party differ from the Conservatives / The Brexit Party / UKIP?

Both socially and politically the Libertarian Party is trying to be an actual Libertarian voice in the UK. While the other 3 parties have attempted to be this, they, in my opinion, have cast their nets too far. In doing so they have tried to take on centrist or soft left positions. Especially from an economic and government spending point of view. Libertarianism involves a constant desire to reduce the size and scope of government and put power back in people’s hands. Although these parties attempt this, I think they lose their way a lot of the time. An out of control central bank and increased social control by the state are issues that are not addressed by any party but the Libertarian Party.

What was your personal journey to libertarianism and what made you get involved in the party?

I have come right from the other end of the political compass to get here! I started out in my teens as a full on Communist, going to university I mellowed somewhat into vaguely centrist or modern liberal perspective. Then about 3 or 4 years ago I began writing a blog. When analysing and fact checking, I came to more and more Libertarian conclusions, although I really didn’t know that there was a name for it. When I came across the term, I became a very active keyboard warrior! About a year ago I met Sean Finch from our Kent branch, he introduced me to the party and I haven’t looked back.

You’re the leader of the London Group of the party what does that involve?

At the moment it’s about getting established and getting the right team in place. To do this we have the Facebook page and the monthly meet ups. Both are free to all to have a look at. I have met so many great people and made a lot of connections which has made running this a lot easier. But we are always looking for new people and any help is hugely appreciated!

“I want to get some councillors elected. Getting names on ballot papers and getting the word out there is a must. A lot of my focus is letting people know that they do not have to be socially liberal and economically left wing or socially conservative and economically right wing. There is a space, a philosophy and a party that allows you to believe in economic AND individual freedom”

What are you ambitions for London? What tactics and policies do you see making a breakthrough for the party?

My ambitions are always high, there’s not much point in doing something if they are not! For the moment though I want to get some councillors elected. Getting names on ballot papers and getting the word out there is a must. A lot of my focus is letting people know that they do not have to be socially liberal and economically left wing or socially conservative and economically right wing. There is a space, a philosophy and a party that allows you to believe in economic AND individual freedom. If we can get people elected and show people what that will mean in their day to day lives, I don’t see why this movement could not spread throughout the capital.

What do you think might give the Libertarian Party UK the breakthrough the US party has?

Exposure. The more media coverage you get, the more people will check your social media, the more people will get involved. It’s cyclical and self-perpetuating, but a vital part of any political campaign.

Libertarian Party USA

What are your current views on politics in London and the big issues that need addressing?

Politics in London is a vastly overcomplicated with so many different organisations under state control and so many councils taking on projects that private industry could handle. Our Mayor has failed in so many areas and continues down a socialist problem solving (not that it ever solves any problems) route that will lead to chaos in a post Brexit Britain. Londoners need to be free from rent control (which has never worked), they need the right to defend themselves and they need to be able to trade freely; unburdened from ridiculous rates and fees. A freer, more responsible London, that allows communities to focus on themselves, with a sustainable package of free market solutions where once there were only monopolistic state interventions on offer is what I would like to see.

Libertarian Party UK

If you could introduce or repeal 3 laws (other than for Brexit) what would they be?

Self Defence items – Individuals are defenceless against criminals. Stabbings and sexual assaults seem to dominate the media, especially here in the capital. Allowing people to carry pepper spray for example would act as a huge deterrent to crime and give power and agency back to peaceful, law-abiding people.

Investigatory Powers Act 2016 (The Snooper’s Charter) – This and laws like it rarely lead to the catching of criminals, however they do the central government a massive database of personal data. Often the old adage of “If you’re doing nothing wrong then you have nothing to hide” is brought up here. To that I would reply that what is okay today may be criminal tomorrow. You do not know who will be elected or what direction politics will take, so take care with your data.

Compulsory purchase orders – If you own your property, then you own it. There is an ill feeling that hits the pit of my stomach when people are forced to give up their property to the state. There is an underlying idea in the UK of a great Liberal tradition in the original meaning of the word (John Locke etc.), an essential part of that is private property and not even the state is above that philosophy.

“Even better is if you write down where you are now and take a look at it in 6 months, again you will see that the negative changes are from government interference”

Any other thoughts you want to leave us with?

I would like everyone who is reading this to do two things. Think of where you are now, what you are free to do, what money you pay and what you get for it. Then try and think of a year or two years ago and think of what’s changed. I will bet that most of these changes are the result of government action and not for the better. Even better is if you write down where you are now and take a look at it in 6 months, again you will see that the negative changes are from government interference. Something must change, socialism and conservatism have tried and failed, let’s give Libertarianism a shot, the great thing about that is that is it’s not handing someone the reigns and waiting for them to fix it, but genuinely having the reigns given back to you, so the freedom to choose what to do and responsibility of how to act lies with you.

Malachy thank-you for the interview.

Malachy can be contact on Facebook.

The Libertarian Party can be found at https://libertarianparty.co.uk/

Executive Pay at Croydon Council

With budgets tight, and a constant demand for new and improved services, council spending is always under pressure. 

Following successful events held with the TaxPayers’ Alliance we have written to the leaders with responsibility for Croydon of the Labour, Conservative, The Brexit, Polish Pride, Christian Alliance, Unity, Democrats and Veterans, Libertarian, Foundation, UKIP, and Liberal Democratic Parties.  Asking them you to support our campaign to support local taxpayers, and keep control of executive pay at Croydon Council. 

In our campaign supported by local residents we have asked that they agree to our proposal that in future no newly appointed council employee will earn more than the Prime Minister.  Out letter to the parties is available here:

The responses in support of our proposal are below, for the others we await their responses and hope they choose to support the taxpayers of Croydon.

Thank-you all for your support for the hardworking families of Croydon.

Podcast Episode 11 – Freedom of Speech…Just Watch What You Say

In this episode we bring you the speeches from our recent event held at The Green Dragon in Croydon, Our speakers on the night were:

  • Harry Fone – Taxpayers Alliance
  • Sean Finch – Libertarian Party
  • Izzy Montague – Croydon Mother
  • David Kurten – GLA Member

More on the participants available here and photos from the night.

Podcast available on:

Freedom of speech…. just watch what you say…

A great night at the Green Dragon supporting one of our most precious freedoms – Free Speech.

We started the night saying free speech and freedom are messy and we had some robust but good natured exchanges.

  • Harry Fone of the Taxpayers’ Alliance spoke about how we can’t criticise waste in the NHS.
  • The Libertarian Party’s Sean Finch covered the many ways hate speech laws curtail our freedom of speech.
  • Local mum and Christian Izzy Montague talked about the challenges she faced speaking up to protect her children’s childhood.
  • David Kurten Brexit Alliance London Assembly Member spoke of his experiences of people trying to shut down his speech.

Thanks to all who attended and especially our speakers for making this such an enjoyable night.