Croydon Leave Campaign

In Croydon during the EU referendum we had a borough wide camapign with the Vote Leave, Leave.EU and Grassroots Out groups all ran borough wide as one camapign.

The camapign team had many many memmbers who all made great contributions.  The teams struture was as follows:

Mike Swadling - Borough Lead

Duncan Forsyth - Croydon North Lead

Dan Heaton - Croydon Centra Lead

Chris Mendes - Croydon South Lead

Social Media

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The campaign

Article in the Croydon Citizen on how the Croydon campaign was structured -

The Result

  • Remain: 92,913
  • Leave: 78,221
  • Turnout: 69.9%
  • Rejected Ballots: 155

Croydon North 41.2% Leave

Croydon Central 50.3% Leave

Croydon South 45.8% Leave

Coulsdon East (53.54%), Fieldway (62.01%), Heathfield (52.18%), New Addington (64.8%), Selhurst (52.32%) all voted Leave.  Ashburton was an exact 50%/50% split with 3,885 votes for both Leave and Remain.  Shirley and Bensham Manor both voted over 49% Leave.


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Public meeting -


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Post campaign - Brexit: a brighter future for a great town -