Their Entire Position Starts From Deceit – Campaigner on Tories’ Brexit Handling

Croydon Constitutionalists Mike Swadling was on Radio Sputnik speaking about the talks between the Conservative and Labour parties on Brexit.

“These are deceitful parties and deceitful politicians who have blatantly lied to the British people, and it’s no surprise that when they try to find the next steps to take to deceive us further, that they can’t find a common ground”

“The great thing is, throughout our history, throughout the history of all struggles for democracy, there’s been set backs, it has taken time, but the people always prevail”

“those are the parties of the past, and they are parties of the past because they have set themselves up against the British people”

“I absolutely believe that the people and that the vote of 17.4 million of us will prevail in the end”

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Leavers of Croydon drinks 9th May

Another chance to meet-up and reminisce from the campaign, discuss our Debate for Democracy, talk about the European Parliament elections, meet-up with old friends or make some new.  We are holding our next Leavers of Croydon drinks from 7pm on Thursday 9th May at the Builders Arms.  Come along and meet other local leavers.

The Builders Arms, 65 Leslie Park Rd, Croydon CR0 6TP

Thursday 9th May from 7pm

Croydon Council Rich List

The TaxPayers’ Alliance has published another update to their excellent Town Hall Rich List of council employees receiving a remuneration in excess of £100,000.

Full details at

Details for Croydon below:

NameJob titleSalaryPensionTotal
Chief Executive185,00027,935£212,935
Executive Director, People168,08825,368£193,456
Executive, Corporate
Resources and
Section 151 Officer.
Executive Director – Place153,00021,178£174,178
 undisclosed 137,500 £137,500
 undisclosed 132,500 £132,500
 undisclosed 127,500 £127,500
 undisclosed 127,500 £127,500
 undisclosed 117,500 £117,500
 undisclosed 117,500 £117,500
Director, Strategy
and Partnerships
 undisclosed 107,500 £107,500
 undisclosed 107,500 £107,500
 undisclosed 107,500 £107,500
 undisclosed 107,500 £107,500
 undisclosed 107,500 £107,500
 undisclosed 107,500 £107,500
 undisclosed 107,500 £107,500
Director of Law
Minitoring Officer

Grassroots democracy in Croydon

Grassroots democracy was in action in Croydon on Thursday 18th April, when the Croydon Constitutionalists held their inaugural Debate for Democracy.  Five democracy honouring pro-Brexit parties spoke and took place in a debate at the Green Dragon on Croydon high street.

Unlike so many in Westminster all parties agree on honouring the biggest vote in British history and the evening focused on a post-Brexit Britain.  Questions covered a wide range of topics from knife crime, where a number of participants spoke about the need to rebuild families, alongside tough sentences.  Chris Mendes the former Vote Leave lead in Croydon South and now Foundation Party Leader quoted a recent case where someone caught with a assortment of knives on them, was given just a four month suspended sentence.

Chris Mendes

Parties policies on the Customs Union was an area of agreement with all saying they wanted to leave it, and move to WTO terms.  In the event us being caught in the Backstop, Richard Plackett who in 2002 stood for Labour in Shirley and is now the SDP London and South East Regional Organiser, suggested they would want to give notice to leave and use the Vienna Convention to ensure we did.

Direct verses Representative democracy was a reoccurring theme, Neville Watson the Democrats and Veterans Party Spokesman for Cities, Urban Communities & Sport, and Sean Finch Libertarian Party candidate in the Lewisham East By Election speaking in favour of a Swiss style model.  UKIP Croydon Chair Hoong Wai Cheah, who stood in Lewisham West in the 2017 general election and Old Coulsdon in last years local elections, spoke about UKIP retaining its deposit in the Newport by-election and how we need to move to a Proportional Representation system for elections.

Neville Watson and Hoong Wai Cheah

In a change from the tribal nature of so much of politics the representatives and their supporters stayed behind to enjoy a drink and swap stories from many campaign trails.  With the current two party system broken these parties showed how the future of politics can be different.

Audio from the night available on YouTube at:


Panel Part 1

Panel Part 2

Richard Plackett
Sean Finch
Panel with Chair Dan Heaton