About Us


What we believe

  • Croydon Constitutionalists is a non partisan events and campaigning group.
  • The group’s purpose is to promote a Classically Liberal set of ideas and encourage others to campaign and promote individual freedom.
  • We welcome differing views of freedom but broadly we are in favour of:
    • Brexit
    • Low Taxes
    • Free Speech
    • Free Markets
    • Rational science not climate alarmism

Meet the Team


Dan Heaton

A Euro-sceptic activist for the last 20 years. As an insurance professional based in the City but working worldwide. Dan was the Croydon Central Lead for the EU Referendum he is a former member of the Conservative Party and UKIP for whom he was a candidate in Fairfield and New Addington North.


Mike Swadling

Mike ran the Croydon referendum campaign to leave the EU. An IT professional he has been a school governor in Croydon for many years serving at 3 schools. He is a former member of the Conservative Party and UKIP for whom he was a candidate in South Norwood, New Addington South and was the Croydon North candidate in the 2017 general election. When it published Mike regularly wrote for Croydon Citizen at - https://thecroydoncitizen.com/author/michael-swadling/


Interest in Classical Liberalism?

Ever thought:

  • Should another person the right to tell you how to live your life?
  • Who’s in charge the people or the government?
  • Is working for the tax man different from working for an owner?
  • If I take your possessions it’s theft.  Is it any more acceptable if I hold a vote to take your possessions first?
  • How can it be free speech if I can’t talk for fear of upsetting someone?

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