Leavers of Croydon Drinks – Pictures and Interviews

Leavers of Croydon Drinks – Pictures and Interviews

We has a great night at the Leavers of Croydon drinks in the Skylark on Tuesday 22nd January.  Another good turnout with some old and new friends attending.

On the night we took some photos and a video which are below.  We also asked a few guests

“What are you most looking forward to when we leave the EU?”

‘If they are good I’ll vote them back in if they are bad I’ll chuck them out. You can’t get rid of Juncker and Tusk because you never voted for them in the first place’ – John

‘This country might start believing in itself and the politicians can do the same’ – Mellissa

‘Lower costs for our food…  We can hold our own politicians to account’ – Graeme

‘The ability to strike deals with other countries.. We used to, we can do it again’ – David

Michael Swadling and Philip Sheppard

Podcast Episode 6 – Meaningful Vote Delay, Pastures New, Orange County Libertarians, A Message for Croydon Council & Croydon Politics – a 2018 Review

We discuss the delay in the Meaningful Vote and the implications for Brexit. We also discuss the hosts’ decisions to leave UKIP.

Further afield we discuss Mike’s recent trip to California.

Back on Croydon matters we talk about our New Year’s Message for Croydon Council and Review 2018 in Croydon politics.

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Leavers of Croydon Drinks

Brighten up a cold January with a drink with your old Brexit buddies.

Join the Leavers of Croydon drinks upstairs at the Skylark (34-36 S End, Croydon CR0 1DP) on the 22nd January from 7pm.

It would be great to meet-up with as many of you as possible, friends new and old, share memories and talk about what we can best do going forward to influence the support for a clean Brexit in Croydon.


EU Profits From Trading With UK While London Loses Money – Sputnik Radio interview

“When we exit the EU on WTO terms; that will be fine for whatever trading we do with the EU, just as well as it does for our trade in China.”

Croydon Constitutionalists Michael Swadling was interviewed on Sputnik Radio about his thoughts on the Brexit in 2019.

Full article at https://sputniknews.com/analysis/201901011071131598-eu-uk-trade-balance/?fbclid=IwAR0DYTJ49mqu5dV9dUxh-wfqG8Hw710NnZS6VkwUpZ4BQ894NtSa61gslrk