Being priced out of the Croydon job market – Croydon Citizen

As part of his acceptance speech at the local election count last month, Tony Newman suggested within the council’s powers, they do just that. The new council wants to create “a living wage borough, not just a living wage council”.    Michael Swadling writes in the Croydon Citizen about the folly of this plan.

Comments on the Facebook post give an interesting insight into the lack of awareness of the downside of minimum wage policies.

Economics and Motivational Fun

The American Conservative University Podcast has over a 1,000 conservative (American meaning not UK party) audio shows. As they say – just listen at the feet of some of the world’s greatest Conservative thinkers.

Two great recent Podcasts we would like to draw your attention to.

Anyone with a passing interest in Economics should read or listen to Milton Friedman.  This MasterEdit podcast covers many interviews with Friedman and covers a wide range of economic issues.

You don’t get much comedy from practical politics.  Zig Ziglar (1926 – 2012) was an American author, salesman, and motivational speaker.  A light-hearted and funny look at developing the qualities of success and how to be self-reliant.