Motion to Block Proroguing Parliament ‘Another Attempt by MPs to Ignore People’s Will’ – Analyst

Michael Swadling from the Croydon Constitutionalists reflects on whether there are any chances of this to happen and what a no-deal Brexit would mean for the UK.

“It’s an appointment; we didn’t elect the President of Europe, we don’t know what manifesto she ran on, I don’t know where I can run to get rid of her, it’s an appointment, the EU is not a democracy and it’s really important to underline that.”

“if the EU changed the withdrawal agreement that gets us nowhere, if they just sat down and said you’re a free and sovereign nation, let’s talk sensible terms, then we can get somewhere.”

“They are globalists; I think many do not believe in the nation-state, they do not believe in Britain, they don’t have the confidence of the people who elected them, unfortunately, they’ve proven themselves to be a bunch of liars.”

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The TaxPayers’ Alliance Town Hall Rich List Roadshow in Addiscombe – Saturday 13th July.

Croydon Council taxpayers were rightly surprised that 19 staff in the council are paid over £100,000, especially when compared to the service we receive. 

We spread the word at The TaxPayers’ Alliance Town Hall Rich List Roadshow in Addiscombe on Saturday 13th July.  Photos and Video from the day below.


The TaxPayers’ Alliance (TPA) are focusing on Croydon as part of their Town Hall Rich List Roadshow.

The TaxPayers’ Alliance campaign for lower taxes and against government waste.  Focus on value for money in public finances is something we desperately need in Croydon.

So good was the response to the street stall, we held on the 22nd June we plan to hold two more over the summer.

Croydon taxpayers are rightly surprised that 19 staff in the council are paid over £100,000, especially when compared to the service we receive. 

You might wonder with all these highly paid staff and councillors, if someone might have had the time to provide some scrutiny over the £10,000 of taxpayer money given to an ‘entertainer’ to defecate on stage.  Meanwhile Croydon’s Children’s Services Department is still rated Inadequate by Ofsted.

The TaxPayers’ Alliance Town Hall Rich List Roadshow street stalls will be in Addiscombe on Saturday 13th July and Selsdon on Saturday 7th September, both between 10:30am and 1pm.

If you’re interested in knowing more about tax in Croydon, their national campaigns, or covering the stall, contact the Croydon Constitutionalists or come and see the TaxPayers’ Alliance Roadshow in Addiscombe on the 13th July.

Croydon’s Cultural Growth Fund and Community Ward Budgets

Croydon Council is obliged to publish details on all payments made over £500.  The figures make interesting reading.  We’ve reviewed the spending from the Cultural Growth Fund and Councillors Community Ward Budgets for the years 2017, 2018 and Jan-Apr 2019.

You may be interested with some of the findings below.

2018 Highlights

  • The Residents Association in Sanderstead one of the richest parts of the borough received £18K in council funding.
  • We rouse up and paid the Rise Gallery £9,600 from one fund and a further £4,370 from another.
  • Given the level of violent crime in Croydon we’re not sure the £9,500 on a Peace Festival was money well spent.
  • The £5,000 spent at the Oval Tavern was an expensive round.
  • Remarkably no one seems to know what the £51,000 paid to the Remarkable Productions Company Ltd got us.
  • At £5 a pint and £7-8 for lunch it’s not clear how the £160,000 paid to Boxpark benefited the working class council tax payers who helped fund it.

Meanwhile, Croydon Council spends only about £200,000 a year fixing potholes.

So far this year

  • Boxpark has had to struggle by on £40K.
  • We all ‘Love Norbury’, and apparently we love it to the tune of £12,296.80.
  • The ‘CROYDONITES FESTIVAL OF NEW THEATRE’ which puts on a number of political plays (see has received £7.5K of our ‘netural’ taxpayers’ cash.

Cultural Growth Fund – Top 5s

Top 5 payees receiving funding from our council tax.

Vendor Name SumOfAmount 2017
Boxpark   £160,000.00 1
Turf Projects   £38,777.01 2
Kier Highways Ltd   £28,227.73 3
Remarkable Productions Company Ltd   £22,000.00 4
Croydon Town Centre Bid   £18,500.00 5
Vendor Name SumOfAmount 2018
Boxpark   £160,000.00 1
Remarkable Productions Company Ltd   £51,000.00 2
Croydon Pride Ltd   £35,000.00 3
We Made That   £29,996.72 4
Turf Projects   £20,000.00 5
Vendor Name SumOfAmount 2019
Boxpark   £40,000.00 1
Croydon Pride Ltd £30,000.00 2
Cellar Door Promotions Ltd £22,800.00 3
Croydon with Talent Ltd   £20,000.00 4
London & Partners Ventures Ltd £20,000.00 5

Community Ward Budgets – Top 5s

Top 5 payees receiving funding from our council tax.

Vendor Name SumOfAmount 2017
Thornton Heath Community ActionTeam   £20,550.00 1
Redacted £13,871.00 2
People for Portland Road   £12,570.00 3
Topcare Network   £12,000.00 4
Croydon Pride Ltd   £11,250.00 5
Vendor Name SumOfAmount 2018
Sanderstead Residents Association   £18,167.00 1
People for Portland Road   £17,000.00 2
Cacfo Education Centre   £10,190.73 4
Rise Gallery   £9,600.00 5
Vendor Name SumOfAmount 2019
The Chartwell Cancer Trust Ltd   £30,192.00 1
LOVE NORBURY   £12,296.80 2
Purley Youth Project   £7,000.00 3
Stanley People’s Initiative   £6,736.01 4

Debating Society “Women have become ridiculously militant”

On the 1st July the Coulsdon and Purley Debating Society hosted a debate on the question ‘Women have become ridiculously militant.

In true debating society style, who spoke either to propose or oppose the motion was open for all members to volunteer.  Croydon Constitutionalist Mike Swadling argued against the motion.

Mikes’ argument was that women should be angry that they are treated as one group, not the individuals they are.  That women’s rights are being removed by the transgender movement, taking away the chance to compete at sports, and privacy to get changed away from men.  Finally if female activists are happy with their lot here, they really should stand up for women across the globe. The text of Mikes’ speech is below.


Thank-you to tonight’s chair, to an un-militant Angela for proposing the motion, and to you all, for attending.

It may seem odd that I as a man, am in effect saying, women are not militant enough.  However I am confident I know, a sure-fire way to make a group of women more militant.  Clearly all that would be needed is for me, a man, to stand up here and tell you what to do!

What is this grouping that encompasses all women?  100 years after the franchise was awarded to women over 30, why are 51% of the population seen as a monolithic block?  Most would think it absurd if anyone assumed that two men thought the same, and shared the same concerns just because we were men.  Why do people think it’s true of women?

We have a Minister for Women, as if you can all be represented by one government department.  If you search ‘Women’s Issues’ on the internet a whole host of pressure groups, the UN, NGOs and Governmental agencies come up.  All assuming you all, all 51% of you, face the same challenges, share the same beliefs, and feel the same way.  That’ mad. 

I’ve rarely meet any woman who thinks the same thing for long (sorry I couldn’t resist that).  Finding two men or women in lockstep is rare the idea we can treat every women on earth the same is crazy.  Incidentally if you search ‘Men’s Issues’ online, you mainly get links to a series of rather sarcastic newspaper articles.  None assume all men are the same.

One measurable area for categorising the sexes is voting.  Women vote 8% more on average for Democrats than Republicans in the US, that’s a lot, but still only 54 to 46.  Hardly all women in lockstep. 

In the UK General Election of 2017.  The female vote went 43% both to Conservative and Labour.  In France the gender gap had about 4% more women voting for Macron than men.  Men were more likely to vote for the female candidate Le Pen.


In Italy’s 2018 General Election, the Centre Left and Five Star votes we’re evenly split between men and women.  The Centre Right coalition.  The latest incarnation of the group set-up by that well known feminist, Silvio Berlusconi.  Had a quarter of a percent lead in women’s votes over men.


The differences of opinion within a gender are far, far greater than the differences of opinion between genders.  Does anyone here think a women in Coulsdon, and a woman in Cairo share more in common, than any random woman and man in either plan?  I think it’s insulting to you individuality to think of women as one group.

I aim to persuade you tonight, that the fact the government, the media, many social commentators, and far too many men ignore the diversity womanhood.  This dismissal of your individual essence is wrong. It is in fact so wrong, it could make you angry.  I believe it should make you angry and militant as hell.


How does the assumption, that all women think the same, play across these supposed women’s issues.

Let’s look at Feminism.  You might think women could be classed together as feminists?  Except of course, a 2018 YouGov poll, found that only 34% of women in the UK said they were a feminist.   This number ranges between 8% and 40% across Europe.  Among Millennials the number was less than 20%.


The Pew Research Centre showed in the US, men and women have a similar weighting of importance on issues from the Economy, Health Care, Education, Social Security, and for that matter Foreign Policy.


Significant gender gaps only came in for the Environment, Trade Policy and this being the US Abortion.


That brings me onto the issue above all others that is seen as a woman’s issue, abortion.  A hugely divisive issue, I am generally keen to avoid. However, it is an issue that is spoken about as if all women as on one side.  Of course this is not the case.

A YouGov poll in 2013 shown 80% of UK women said life began at ‘some time before birth’, with 53 per cent saying that ‘life begins at conception’.  Across recent polls, women are more in favour of restrictions around abortion access than men.


In the US 31% of Women, nearly a third, want Roe v Wade, the judgment that made abortion a constitutional right, overturned.


My point here again is that no one should attempt to speak for all women.  Any woman’s individuality should never be subsumed into global grouping that simply doesn’t exist.


Women’s rights, to trade their labour, as freely as men,   has long been fought for.  Again it is often assumed, all women want to work and be successful in careers.  I’m sure we have all known women who are happy being full time mothers.  And indeed women conflicted between working and spending time with their children.  That’s not to say we don’t also all know many women successful in their careers.  The point is all women are different in what they want.

Looking at how many women work across the globe, it’s clear the feminist assumption that all women want to work is just plain wrong.  I expect differences between the developing a developed world.  Differences between religions and regions.

But what’s not clear to me is why Belgium, France and Japan all at around 50% of women working are so different from Canada, Sweden and Singapore at around 60% or Iceland at over 70%. 


These are all rich countries.  None are especially religious, they are all democracies, where women enjoy significant choice and freedom.  Why are they so different?

It’s almost as if women are different and not all aligned.  As feminist campaigners and others who presume to speak for you all, assume all women to be.

Get militant – Sport

Now having made the case that all women are not a clear cut group.   I’m going to ask for some leeway from the society and share some issues I believe should of concern to all women.  In fact they should be of concern to us all, male and female.

Most of us will remember the London 2012 Olympics and the night when Jessica Ennis won the heptathlon Gold.  I don’t remember Virginia Wade winning Wimbledon in 1977,   but I do know that was a great moment for British Sport.  I do remember Dame Kelly Holmes two golds in Athens, Tessa Sanderson’s Gold in Los Angeles and Sharron Davies’ Silver in Moscow.  These were all amazing nights for sport.  For British sport, and women’s sport.

At the end of the last football season, Pep Guardiola the Manchester City manager,   said his team would not be the first side to win an English domestic treble should they beat Watford in the FA Cup final.  Because “the women have done it”, referring to the Arsenal Ladies team who won the domestic treble, in 2006-07.

It’s a fair comparison, however we shouldn’t compare men and women directly in sport.  Biological men with average extra height, weight and strength outperform women at almost every sport.

To give you an idea of the difference.  The last Olympic women’s 100 meter winner ran 10.49 seconds.  The men’s, 9.58 seconds.  You have to go back to 1928 before todays, women’s Gold Medallist would beat the men’s Gold Medallist.


Andy Murray has a fairly leisurely top serve speed in Men’s tennis at 141mph.

Serena Williams one of the fastest female servers, at 128mph.  Places her basically nowhere on the men’s rankings for speed of service.


Olympic records in weightlifting are surprisingly closer.  The competition is split into weight categories, but even here only the very heaviest category of women overtakes the lowest category of men.  The strongest men by comparison lift half as much again as the strongest women.


I say this to make the simple point, men’s and women’s bodies are different.

To have a level playing field in adult sport.  Men must complete against men, and Women against women.  Recently this is changing.

In February it was reported that a Connecticut high school transgender athlete transitioning to female, won the 55-meter dash……. Setting a new girl’s state record.  Another transgender athlete, placed second in the race.


CeCe Telfer, won the women’s 400 metre hurdle national title,   in the US in May.  Previously he finished just 10th at the regional Northeast Championships back in 2016.  Now she’s the national champion.

Olympic Silver medal winner Sharron Davies calls for a chromosome split saying “If we are not careful then in 10 years all the records in men’s sport will be held by men and all the records in women’s sport will be held by women who carry a Y chromosome”. 

As former Tennis champion Martina Navratilova said “A man can decide to be female, win everything in sight and then reverse his decision.”

I hasten to add if any of the women here feel they would like to show that their advanced Kung Fu skills can beat a man, especially this one, I am sure you are right.

I would like to point out I am referring to top athletes not the average man in the street, and I make these points only to aid the debate.

But the point is.  Women deserve a chance to compete at sport.  Girls deserved a chance to compete and win, not be held back by the boys.  They deserve a fair shout.  I want my nieces to have, a chance to win a race, swim and come first, hit the ball further than the other girls.  Not simply to always come second to bigger and stronger boys.

How can you not be angry?  How can you not be militant at these opportunities being taken away from your daughters, sisters, nieces, granddaughters?

Changing rooms

I think it is fair to say many women feel “uncomfortable” seeing men “parading around naked” in front of them.  A gender-neutral “changing village” was created as part of a £10m refurbishment at Bath Sports and Leisure Centre.

To quote one user: “For some women this is extremely uncomfortable. It’s a safety issue. Women are far more likely to be sexually assaulted in unisex facilities.”  “Not everybody with their toddler would like to be confronted by men with everything out.”


It is not unreasonable for women to feel safe in changing rooms.  Why the drive to unisex facilities?  I suspect the vast majority of men don’t want them either.  Having spent a couple of hundred years giving women more and more freedom from men over their bodies.  Why aren’t women getting angry when it’s taken away from you?

Arranged Marriage

If you’re happy with your lot here.  You might not be so happy with the treatment of women further afield.  Still today 55% of the marriages in the world are arranged.

That’s not necessarily wrong.  There are many successful arrange marriages.
Divorce rates in this country suggest choice isn’t always a great selection method.  But what is more worrying, is that in an arranged marriage, the man is usually 4.5 years older than the woman.  That gaps not that much, it is higher than most couples I know, but not outrageous.  As always an average hides the extremes at the edges.  For instance 48% of the girls who are involved in an arranged marriage in South Asia are under 18.  In Niger 26%.of the girls are less than 15.  In Afghanistan 80% of the marriages are considered forced, as opposed to just arranged.


Is this not enough to make you angry.  Is this not something all people but especially women should be fighting to change?


Education is one of the best ways to fight these injustices.  Especially female education and empowerment.  The gender parity index measures the ratio of the female to male literacy of 15 to 24 year olds.

Of the 167 countries they have data for, most have parity in literacy rates between the genders.  Indeed Jamaica, Lesotho, Papua New Guinea and Zimbabwe have significantly greater female than male, literacy rates.  However 22% of countries have significantly greater male than female literacy rates.  With Afghanistan, Benin, Central African Republic, Chad, Liberia, and Mali having male literacy rates at almost twice that of women.

How can this be right, as a school governor in Croydon for many years, I have never once seen boys outperform girls,   in the English grading in any of the schools I have worked with.  Yet these countries have boys twice as literate and girls.  This isn’t the 1920’s, this is education received in the 21st Century.  These are girls today that are not taught at the same rate as boys.

Why aren’t those who call themselves feminists more militant, more radical, and calling for more change on this?


How to get militant.

On the one hand, the media, politicians, and campaign groups, often claim to speak on behalf of ‘all women.  A group that simply doesn’t exist.  Yet at the same time they are falling to act,   where women as a group are not treated fairly.

Maybe we should take a leaf out of the history books.  100 years ago Suffragettes were chaining themselves to railings, and refusing to pay taxes and fines.  In a Reign of Terror, in 1913 there were 250 arson or other destruction attacks in just six-months.  Window-breaking, post-box burning and telegraph cable breaking, were common.

In ancient Rome protestors for women’s rights employed methods, from public demonstrations, to providing financial support, and even to acts of mass poisoning.


What do we have today – A Facebook post.  A Selfie.  Maybe a tweet!

You and all of our daughters deserve the chance to play at, and to compete and win at sports.  You all deserve privacy in the changing rooms, and across the globe.  All women deserve the chance to choose their partners, and gain the fundamental literacy skills, needed to make real choices in their lives.

I am angry, these young women aren’t getting a fair start.

I hope you are too. 

  • Take action, write to a paper, or politician. 
  • Join a campaign group
  • Join a protest
  • Run for office

But mostly become ridiculously militant, about it.

Summing Up

Women today have every reason to be militant.  Not as a group, but as individuals.  I don’t think of my female colleagues, friends and family members as one group.  I am genuinely annoyed many in the elite both male and female think you are.  I hope you feel the same.

The women I meet are not shrinking violets.  They hold great jobs, are the lynchpin of busy families, often care for elderly relatives and in the case of my older sisters are still quite capable of bossing around their ‘kid’ brother.

The last thing they need is media and ‘women’s’ lobby groups telling them how to live their lives.  Fight back, fight back like hell, I ask you.

If this isn’t enough, the rights women have fought for, for over a hundred years are being eroded, in the name of progress.  Without denying how anyone feels, you, your daughters and granddaughters deserve the chance, to complete at sports and get changed in private. 

I grew up watching a strong female Prime Minister, pitted against women supporting striking miners and women camping at Greenham Common.  I saw Mother Teresa being criticised for her support for Indira Gandhi and I saw Annie Lennox and Aretha Franklin sing, Sisters Are Doin’ It for Themselves.

Where now are these women striking out, standing strong, and Acting in defiance?

Across the globe your sisters are being denied basic literacy, denied the right to choose their partner and sometimes even denied the right to show their face in public.

If those aren’t good reasons to get out and get militant I don’t know what are.