Brexit vote – 5 year celebratory drinks

On the 23rd of June, 2016.  The people of the United Kingdom – and Gibraltar – went to vote…  and 17,410,742 of us voted to leave the EU. 

We have now regained our nations independence and fully left.  In commemoration of the 5 years since the vote, we’re proposing to go for drinks in what during the campaign became Croydon’s Brexit central, the Skylark.

We don’t yet know what lockdown restrictions we will be operating under.  As such we’re not able to book an area, however we propose to be at the Skylark (34–36 South End, Croydon, CR0 1DP) on Wednesday June 23rd from 7pm, and will operate under whatever rules we need to.  Feel free to come and join us.

Leavers of Croydon Drinks – New Addington

Drinks to celebrate our independence from the EU.  Chance to meet:

  • Neil Garratt Conservative – GLA Candidate.
  • Peter Sonnex – Brexit Party PPC for Croydon Central.
  • Mark Johnson – Chairman of Croydon Conservative Federation and Vote Leave organiser for the area.

Join us at the The Randall Tavern. Field Way, New Addington, Croydon CR0 9DX.

From 7:30pm, Saturday 21st March.

January 16th Drinks

With a late change of venue following the suddenly closure of the Milan Bar due to sewage problems, the Leavers of Croydon drinks didn’t get off to the best start.

However we rearranged at the last minute for The George and had a great evening cramped in and looking forward to the 31st…..

Thanks all who joined us. Sorry to anyone we couldn’t get the message out to on the venue change.

Email [email protected] to ensure we can keep you posted on future events.

Leavers of Croydon, eh?

The Globe and Mail, Canada’s “newspaper of record”, and with a weekly readership of 2,018,923 is Canada’s most widely read newspaper on weekdays and Saturdays.  They also came to see the Leavers of Croydon at our recent drinks.

Thanks to Teresa Eng for interviewing us on the day.

“We’re a sovereign nation – we don’t need to be told what we can and can’t do. I’m not worried about a no-deal Brexit. Let’s get on with it


“The Remainers’ favourite excuse is “no deal.” The U.S., China and India, three of the world’s largest economies, trade with no deal. I’m proud that the majority of the British public were smart enough to see that the dots didn’t add up. The whole thing about no deal being a kind of Armageddon is complete fabrication”


“The EU is a country, but I’m not a United States of European. I’m British. I want us to be a self-governing entity”


Full article –

Leavers of Croydon Drinks at the Porter and Sorter

Another good night of drinks and conversation.  We even had a remoaner turn up who couldn’t take the pace…

Great to have a reporter from Canada in attendance written up at

If you don’t get details of all our events email us at [email protected] to be added email updates which go out about once every other week.

Sputnik Radio Interview – Queen ‘Possibly Needs to Be More Active in Politics’ – Croydon Constitutionalists Member

Michael Swadling of the Croydon Constitutionalists spoke again with Sputnik Radio on the 14th October 2019.

“we have a parliament that is not interested in the people, that’s afraid of putting itself up to the people and is ignoring the people’s biggest vote in British history. If anything; going forward, we need somebody that will hold the role of the people against the executive, and possibly, the Queen needs to be more active”

on the role of the Monarchy

“it would be liberating for our economy. It would be a great opportunity for us to take flight in the world market fully, and the government is ready; they’ve done the preparations, the deals and the subcontracts that need to be in place”

on no DeaL

Interview article –

Audio :

Leavers of Croydon Drinks Porter & Sorter. Tuesday 15th October.

Join us at the next Leavers of Croydon Drinks Tuesday 15th October at the Porter & Sorter pub next to East Croydon Station.

A chance to discuss events old and new on Brexit, catch-up with old and meet new friends.

From 7pm Porter & Sorter Station Road, East Croydon, CR0 6BT