Their Entire Position Starts From Deceit – Campaigner on Tories’ Brexit Handling

Croydon Constitutionalists Mike Swadling was on Radio Sputnik speaking about the talks between the Conservative and Labour parties on Brexit.

“These are deceitful parties and deceitful politicians who have blatantly lied to the British people, and it’s no surprise that when they try to find the next steps to take to deceive us further, that they can’t find a common ground”

“The great thing is, throughout our history, throughout the history of all struggles for democracy, there’s been set backs, it has taken time, but the people always prevail”

“those are the parties of the past, and they are parties of the past because they have set themselves up against the British people”

“I absolutely believe that the people and that the vote of 17.4 million of us will prevail in the end”

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