Executive Pay at Croydon Council

With budgets tight, and a constant demand for new and improved services, council spending is always under pressure. 

Following successful events held with the TaxPayers’ Alliance we have written to the leaders with responsibility for Croydon of the Labour, Conservative, The Brexit, Polish Pride, Christian Alliance, Unity, Democrats and Veterans, Libertarian, Foundation, UKIP, and Liberal Democratic Parties.  Asking them you to support our campaign to support local taxpayers, and keep control of executive pay at Croydon Council. 

In our campaign supported by local residents we have asked that they agree to our proposal that in future no newly appointed council employee will earn more than the Prime Minister.  Out letter to the parties is available here:

The responses in support of our proposal are below, for the others we await their responses and hope they choose to support the taxpayers of Croydon.

Thank-you all for your support for the hardworking families of Croydon.

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