Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine: Your views – Part 5

Picture: Every Night for Ukraine 022 Russian Embassy Finland.  Author: rajatonvimma /// VJ Group Random Doctors

A humanitarian crisis is unfolding before us following Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine.  The risk of a major military conflict is remote but real, and the situation on the ground continues to change.  We asked our contributors how they think Putin’s aggression will impact politics and policies in the UK and what if any changes are needed?

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“The Putin gambit of ‘I will stop destroying if you change the government’ is unlikely to be taken BECAUSE that would be a green light to China vs Taiwan and every other dictator”

Gavin Palmer, independent candidate for Mayor of Croydon.

As is common in conflict a calmer narrative prevails as both sides join in condemning Russia, and with Partygate going quiet as bigger things are afoot. Hopefully, Trump will be condemned by the Republicans and side lined to fringes. I expect military spending will rise on missile anti-tank defences and gas masks might be needed in mass production and delivery as gassing those hiding in cellars is a Putin tactic used before. Putin’s efforts to induce ethnic cleansing of non-Russia supporting citizens fleeing the country will go widespread, so that it’s only the men left to kill. Maybe a select time for Polish Migs to move over and tear up the convoy that’s preferring to have Kyiv empty first.  This depends on Russian air defence and mass capital assault/pilots. 

The Putin gambit of ‘I will stop destroying if you change the government’ is unlikely to be taken BECAUSE that would be a green light to China vs Taiwan and every other dictator emboldened by the power of internet tracking and messaging to the level of the individual.  As to whether Putin is killed or the army, or people revolt, or sue for peace after losing parts of the country is an uncertain probability 50:50.  

The changes needed are to ramp up to producing 100,000s maybe millions of gas masks with delivery to the people of Ukraine, gas warning systems, supply line and fuel truck destruction, start the creation of portable electronic decoy making maybe (accepting the risk of losing the technology in war).  I’m sure the replacement of anti-tank weapons is in production. We also need as a contingency, a supply of missiles stocked for Taiwan.

There should be a ramp up of Potash mining in Whitby by Anglo American Sirius Minerals, if possible, by whatever means, including 24 hour mining perhaps using the new plasma rock melting technology to offset losses in Ukraine.

Maybe ask wheat cropping areas Norfolk, Chichester to ramp up planting, and using other crop areas to offset wheat disruption and losses in Ukraine in time for the summer.

We need to retake control of uncompetitive gas electricity generators and gas storage facilities, to make greater use of them.  We should also boost solar panel installs, wind power, plus promote hybrid heat exchanger/gas boiler solutions. We could maybe make changes on money laundering into Golden London Bricks to free up housing as squatters’ rights powers have diminished.

Personally, I would consider the Belgian refugee solution from WW2 where a Central Service of Refugees was established to provide them with material assistance and to organise. Otherwise, we have a yet further migration strain on the country issue.

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Podcast Episode 67 – 2022 Local Election Hustings

In this episode we bring you the speeches from our recent event held at Clyde Hall in Croydon,


  • David Omamogho – Christian Peoples Alliance
  • Zack Stiling – Heritage Party
  • Gavin Palmer – Independent Candidate for Mayor
  • Laurence Williams – Libertarian Party
  • Steve Kelleher – SDP


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Photo’s from the evening:

Press Release:

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Hustings 2022 – Photos

Thanks to all who attended our Hustings last night. A tremendous set of candidates with great ideas for Croydon, further afield and our country. We wish them all well in May.

Photos from the night below.

David Omamogho, Christian People Alliance
Zack Stiling, Heritage Party
Gavin Palmer, Independent Candidate for Mayor
Laurence Williams, Libertarian Party
Steve Kelleher, SDP

Gavin Palmer, independent candidate for Mayor of Croydon.

Following a referendum in October last year, Croydon will have an elected executive Mayor from May.  With the issuing of a Section 114 notice (de facto bankruptcy), concerns about planning, and the desolation of the town centre, most people believe Croydon needs change.

Hoping to lead that change is Gavin Palmer, standing as in independent candidate for Mayor.

Gavin thanks for speaking to us.

“born and bred in Croydon from a family with 100 years of Croydon roots”

Can you start by introducing yourself to our readers?

A high achieving intelligent, team builder and talent, born and bred in Croydon from a family with 100 years of Croydon roots. 30 years of battling for good Public Limited Company behaviour as a volunteer, a company Director, father, and husband. Clean, honest as much a possible, straight forward, a talent in causing effective meetings, with a superb analytical mind.

“Cleaning up Croydon Councils contractors, agents, inspectors, and employees behaviour”

Standing for Mayor as in Independent is a bold move, what’s prompted you to stand and what would be your priorities as Mayor? 

I applied to become the Conservative candidate but was not allowed an exemption as it was a few days late which I thought was harsh given the Conservatives tend to be a meritocracy. 

Why? Because of despair at the callous, insulting treatment of residents disregarding objections or Whitgift estate single dwelling purchase conditions. The bias favouring ugly developments, the ugly politics of bias/attack/disdain/ignoring the Nolan principles and ethical behaviour. The bullying type oath of loyalty behaviour, leaving good candidates deselected, ignored or placed in the wrong areas. I looked around me waiting for someone great to step forward, maybe Chris Philp MP and there seemed to be none to cleanly accept the daunting challenge. As at University when putting myself forward, in Croydon after some years assessing and some summoning up of courage if Croydon was going to be turned around it would be up to me with a massive movement and team.

Priorities are many as Mayor in a disaster bomb site of a town. Cleaning up Croydon Councils contractors, agents, inspectors, and employees behaviour.  By bringing in transparency, honesty, direct personal accountability, good selection of and promises from new committee Chairs of planning, licencing and other committees.

Starting of well planned numerous competitions, campaigns and well delegated projects. A reform back to common sense of departmental organisation, sensible accounting, proper planning of projects, internal audit, police investigations, cleaning up the cashbooks, contract openness, hold those liable and criminally responsible as required in court, for the impact they have had in breaching public trust so often.

Boldness. Some new articles to reign in the reckless Brick by Brick Directors. Becoming Mayor of the worst award winning borough (most financially delinquent council in 150 years, worst run in the UK 4 years by Private Eye, worst pollution level, worst council housing, bankrupt probably twice, corrupt devious elected officials, slimy devious PR spin etc.) has many priorities at the same time in addition to bringing in tech jobs, youth behaviour transformation and that depends on telling the truth about the lies, deceit and what’s so. It will be very ugly.

A reminder to all, I am only one man and much responsibility lies in who gets selected and who gets elected as Croydon’s councillors and their actions and behaviour afterwards which needs local people lobbying and meeting their counsellor’s.

“Happier, peaceful, wealthier and healthier. Efficiently well run in every department boringly so, a large number of talented civic duty minded elected councillors”

If you were elected Mayor, how do you hope Croydon would be different at the end of your term of office?

Happier, peaceful, wealthier and healthier. Efficiently well run in every department boringly so, a large number of talented civic duty minded elected councillors as we had pre 1993 committed to doing their best for Croydon and putting Croydon First. More jobs, more beautiful, more attractive, sadly unless the current proposed Local Plan is rejected by 50%+ councillors a rampant reckless 4 years of intended destruction and blame caused by the Labour cabal of cowering sheep like councillors voted because of their party membership, misguided loyalty or friendship rather than on merit. Sacrificing Croydon’s best interests for party nastiness and blaming others.

“So I intend to turn our town around and I am seeking 100+ Croydon Centurion volunteers to do that”

You’ve previously spoken up about Shareholder Activism, what got you involved in this area?

I noticed that the financial city of London was ripping up for asset sales decent engineering businesses rather than growing the businesses and I am committed to the possibility to have Britain and Croydon be great. So I intend to turn our town around and I am seeking 100+ Croydon Centurion volunteers to do that and many more assisting.

If people want to get involved how can they help?

I am committed to having a massive campaigning engagement in person face to face, community building, a great Platinum Jubilee celebration in Croydon, volunteers street by street, old and young, the youth and schools, the churches, the families regardless of political bias to create a better future, clean up atrocious politics and fraud/corruption for Croydon’s many residents and visitors.

I also have a track record of causing good things at University, in life and a few things in government. However I need YOU! 

Volunteer now , Make a difference and put Croydon first.

You can met Gavin at our Hustings on the 24th February, or contact him on 07377111339.

Gavin also has a Volunteering form (below) you can complete and is on Facebook, and on the Web.