Podcast Episode 89 – Dr Jan Macvarish- Why Free Speech Matters

We recently held a public meeting in Purley and we were joined by Dr Jan Macvarish, the Education & Events Director of the Free Speech Union.



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Dr Macvarish is a researcher, writer and lecturer, and sociologist with a strong interest in family life.  She has conducted research into contemporary single living, teenage pregnancy, and parenthood.  She also stands for freedom of speech, freedom of thought, the reinvigoration of public life and protection of private life and is the Education and Events Director of the Free Speech Union.

You can follow her on Twitter and find out more at https://janmacvarish.wordpress.com/.

The Free Speech Union is a non-partisan, mass membership public interest body that stands up for the speech rights of its members and campaigns for free speech more widely.  Find out more at https://freespeechunion.org/.