Podcast Episode 64 – Tim Duce: Is the Party Over for Boris?

We are joined by Tim Duce, as we discuss the impact of Plan B and Boris’ prospects of survival after Partygate along with some potential successors. We then chat about the newly launched True & Fair Party of Gina Miller.

“unfortunately the pandemic has just fallen into that wider culture war that Brexit was part of” Mike

“those backbenchers were ultimately defeated on most of this thanks to the coalition government with Sir Keir Starmer but this might be the thing that the last straw” Tim

“the consensus perhaps on the podcast is the Boris is going to have to go, but whether it’s next week or the may local elections time will tell” Dan

On lockdown: “it’s got to the point where it’s actually had an effect on our culture, and the creative industry and certainly the hospitality industry I think they’re gonna suffer longer” Tim



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