Council Tax increases, the one thing Croydon Council excels at!

Our friends at the Taxpayers’ Alliance have compiled figures for London boroughs’ council tax increases in the last 10 years. This is now being reported in the media and shows a rarity of something that Croydon Council excels at, sadly for the taxpayers of Croydon they excel at taking more of our money.

In the past decade council tax has risen across London from as little as 6.6% in Hammersmith and Fulham, to a whopping 31.1% in Harrow. Where does Croydon fit in all this?  Croydon takes up the bronze medal position with a massive 29.3% council tax increase during a decade of low inflation. Most worrying for the people of Croydon the worst could yet be to come.  Following de facto bankruptcy we all know council tax is only going one way to pay for the astonishing levels of debt.  What does this mean in real terms?  The average London Band D council tax is £1.633, Croydon comes in at 5th place across London at £1,888 pounds, some of both the biggest increases and highest payments are the result of years of mismanagement of the borough.

Since the Croydon Constitutionalist started we have reported on the councils wasting of public funds, bumper town hall salaries, councillors feathering their allowance nests, on it’s poor commercial investments and we’ve all seen their ‘grand plans’ lead to the collapse of the town centre as a shopping precinct. Important community amenities such as Purley swimming pool have permanently closed and we see threats to the towns dumps which will only increase fly tipping, already a scourge across the borough.

With elections due again in May and with the knowledge that many of the councils budgets that led up to the imposition of the Section 114 notice were voted for by both Labour and Conservative councillors, Croydonians may look for an alternative as either Mayor or as elected councillors. A good place to start would be the Croydon Constitutionalists hustings on February the 24th.  Let’s hope the next decade is better for the people of Croydon, although we already fear council tax is only going one way.