Support our campaign for sensible Town Hall salaries – TPA in Selsdon

Croydon Council has been a calamity in recent years, but even more shocking we pay a king’s ransom for senior staff that often hinder rather than help the front line. In Selsdon we were asking people to sign an open letter to the leaders of all political parties in Croydon, asking them to agree in future that no newly appointed council employee will earn more than the Prime Minister. 

Further details in our Press Release.

Read our letter at

Many have already signed, email us at [email protected] to add your name to our letter.

People who have already signed are:

  • Peter Staveley.  Davidson Road, Croydon.
  • Nicholas Mane. Chepstow Road, Croydon
  • David Hooper.  Old Lodge Lane, Purley.
  • Philip Sheppard.  Briar Avenue, Norbury.
  • David Hollands. Honister Heights, Purley.
  • Sheryl Hollands. Honister Heights, Purley.
  • Michael Swadling. Chipstead Valley Road, Coulsdon.
  • Daniel Heaton. Eden Road, Croydon.
  • Samantha Hall. Coulsdon.
  • Ian Stuart. Elmfield Way, Selsdon.
  • Miranda Beard. Croham Valley Road, South Croydon.
  • Sandra Kennedy. Croham Park Avenue, South Croydon.
  • Karen Barnes. Birdwood Close, Selsdon.
  • Mike Cubitt. Pilgrims Way, South Croydon.
  • Crispin Williams. Fullers Wood, Croydon.