Independents For Liberty – Conference 2021

Independents for Liberty held their 2021 Annual Conference, ‘Restoring Liberty, Rebuilding A Free Country’, on Saturday, 25th September.

They are an association of pro-liberty individuals and influencers aiming to restore liberty and rebuild a free country.

Their mission as individual associates of Independents for Liberty is to make the case for freedom, promote political activism that supports your liberty and grow sustainable economies that enhances long-term freedom.

Michael Swadling of Croydon Constitutionalists shares tried and tested campaign strategies every independent libertarian candidate should be using for their local election campaigns.

Mike’s contribution:

  • On Council run events: “…why should the taxpayer be forced to subsidise my weekend?”
  • “All councils have to publish a report of everything they spend that’s over £500 …what’s really useful is identifying the budgets that have more controversial items …the payments councillors can award themselves…”
  • “We had a petition to make sure no one is paid more than the Prime Minister in the Borough. …to say no one in the Town Hall is doing a more important job than the Prime Minister. …you can start to call out some of those.”
  • “‘As poor as a Council Executive’ is not a common phrase people will hear.”

Christopher Wilkinson opens the first annual Independents for Liberty conference by outlining how the association will help rebuild a free country:

Harry Fone, Grassroots Campaign Manager for the Tax Payers’ Alliance, tells what we can expect from the Tax and NI increases, Government and Council waste, and highlights important points for independent libertarian candidates to campaign on:

Gareth Seward, speaking at the 2021 Independents for Liberty conference, explains the coming consequences of government economic policy. An essential primer for understanding current events.

You can see more on the Independents for Liberty Facebook page or their website