‘UK Gov’t Has to Get a Grip of Situation’ – Sputnik Radio Interview

A UK government adviser stated on Tuesday that Britain must be braced for widespread riots this summer, warning that poorer people and areas will be hit harder by the fallout of the coronavirus – Michael Swadling from The Croydon Constitutionalists has shared his views on the matter.

“it’s reasonable to think it’s a scenario that could happen. I think also the feeling that we’ve had enough of experts is ringing true here again. “Likely to take place” is a stretch and we clearly should hope that everything happens to avoid that, but right now everything is there for things to go wrong”

“I remember those riots very well. I live in Croydon and there were a couple of major fires in Croydon and I could indeed see them from the back of my house. Do I expect them to happen again? I would hope not, but the government needs to act quickly to make sure it doesn’t and there’re some very basic things it can do. Lift the lockdown; get people back to work – it’s very hard to be rioting when you’re in your job, people will be busy and tired and that’s a much better place for people to be than bored and angry.”

“a decent protest – a protest against racism is a perfectly righteous thing to do, but if you’re throwing bricks at police horses, you need to be stopped. If you’re vandalising property, you need to be stopped.”

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