Selling Economic Freedom: Conversation with Matthew Lesh, of the Institute of Economic Affairs

We choose from thousands of products in a supermarket or online, and often own multiple electronic consumer goods.  It’s not uncommon for people to catch multiple flights a year, chosen from many competing airlines.  Free markets are everywhere and have transformed our lives.  Yet many have never been more cynical about what they deliver, or keener to have the government interfere in their function.

Join us on Wednesday 19th June for our drinks and conversation with Matthew Lesh the Director of Public Policy and Communications at the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA).

Founded in 1955 the IEA is an educational charity and free market think tank.  Their mission is to improve understanding of the fundamental institutions of a free society.  Matthew is a columnist for CityAM, and a regular writer for publications such as The Times, The Telegraph and The Spectator. He is also a Fellow of the Adam Smith Institute and Institute of Public Affairs.  You can find Matthew on X/Twitter and see more at his website.

For drinks, a conversation and Q&A about Matthew, the IEA, and how we sell economic freedom, come along Wednesday 19th June at 7pm

This is part of our #ThirdWednesday drinks and events, we hold these in association with Dick Delingpole’s #ThirdWednesday Libertarian drinks club, and POLITICS in PUBS a group of people from across the political spectrum who value the freedom to question and to speak openly.

Join us Upstairs, Whispers5 High St, Purley CR8 2AF on Wednesday 19th June, from 7pm.