April Discussion: Is it time for England to dissolve the union?

Join us on Wednesday 17th April for our drinks and discussion on the topic: Is it time for England to dissolve the union?

St Patrick’s Day is a Bank Holiday in Northern Ireland, St Andrew’s Day is a Bank Holiday in Scotland, with the overlooked St George’s Day rapidly approaching we ask: Is it time for England to dissolve the union?

The Barnet formula ensures public spending is higher in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland than England.  The SNP are in power in Scotland, Sinn Féin in Northern Ireland, and the new Welsh First Minster in his acceptance speech talked of “unprecedented hostility towards democratic Welsh devolution from a UK government determined to undermine, frustrate and bypass the Welsh government and this Senedd…. As well as leaving Wales with less say over less money, it is deeply corrosive, wasteful, and undemocratic.”

The UK has been the most successful democratic union of nations in world history.  It is responsible for the Industrial Revolution and defending Europe from tyranny.  For all the problems of the world’s largest ever Empire, it heads the Commonwealth of Nations.

The Union has majority support in the United Kingdom, but devolution has dissolved the strength of support.  Approaching the 23rd April, we invoke the Spirit of St George and ask: Is it time for England to dissolve the union?

What do you think?  Come along Wednesday 17th April at 7pm for our discussion.

We want your input come along with your ideas and thoughts. 

This is part of our #ThirdWednesday drinks and events, we hold these in association with Dick Delingpole’s #ThirdWednesday Libertarian drinks club, and POLITICS in PUBS a group of people from across the political spectrum who value the freedom to question and to speak openly.

Join us Upstairs, Whispers5 High St, Purley CR8 2AF on Wednesday 17th April, from 7pm.

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Is you would like to establish a National Holiday on St. George’s Day please sign the Petition · Establish a National Holiday on St. George’s Day – United Kingdom · Change.org

Main picture includes images from https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:The_Union_Jack_Flag_MOD_45153521.jpga and https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Flag-map_of_the_United_Kingdom_%28subdivisions%29.svg.