Sputnik Interview – UK Election: ‘The Polls Are Getting Tighter, There is Some Reflection of Truth There’

Michael Swadling, from the Croydon Constitutionalists, offers his forecast for the election outcome in an interview with Sputnik Radio.

“The Conservatives clearly need to play the expectation game. They want to make sure their voters come out on what might be a miserable winter’s day next week and they need people scared slightly of a Corbyn government”

“Labour’s campaign change doesn’t appear to particularly have worked. They have attempted to become a more Brexit-y party with some of their core voters – I think people see through that very clearly”

“the biggest democratic vote on any subject in British history, which needs to be honoured for Britain to remain a democracy, and even if he [Jeremy Corbyn] was in a restrained manner in government, that would be a real systemic risk to the British economy”

Interview – https://sputniknews.com/analysis/201912041077484778-uk-election-the-polls-are-getting-tighter-there-is-some-reflection-of-truth-there–activist-/