EU Regards Britain as a ‘Renegade Province’ Rather Than a Sovereign State – Sputnik Radio Interview

These efforts from the OECD come as Boris Johnson and Ursula Von Der Leyen meet ahead of Thursday’s EU summit and Johnson’s October 15th deal deadline. With more on this story, Sputnik spoke to Michael Swadling from the Croydon Constitutionalists.

“There are no good deals to be had with someone that doesn’t treat you as an equal. The EU regards us frankly as a renegade province. They don’t regard us as a sovereign state. They’ve been absolutely clear about that throughout the entire process”

“At the moment, they still seem to be asking for access to our fishing waters, in perpetuity, for us to be able to sell them fish. Now, for us to be able to sell them wheat, they don’t expect access to our fields; for us to be able to sell them goods and services, they don’t have access to our offices or our factories. I mean, it’s a completely ridiculous situation”

“Much of Europe are now having fans back at sports events, other countries are coming out. Our terrible government response, and frankly our even worse set of ideas from the opposition, is holding us back”

“If the government just gets out the way; reduces regulation, reduces taxes, and lets people thrive themselves… the sooner they can get the EU out of the way and then get themselves out of the way, we will do very well; thank you very much”

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