No Passports Required – Wednesday 13th October

‘I loathe the idea on principle. I never want to be commanded, by any emanation of the British state, to produce evidence of my identity.’ Fine  words we fully support once spoken by Boris Johnson.  The last 18 months of lost freedoms, the ever growing size of government, the threat of national ID cards and coerced medication through vaccine passports, risk the freedoms that once were a birth right of every British citizen. 

Come and meet-up with likeminded freedom lovers, at our No Passports Required drinks downstairs at The Milan Bar, Croydon on Wednesday 13th October, from 7pm.  We aim to make these a regular monthly event with our second drinks scheduled for the 17 November.  We will hold these in association with Dick Delingpole’s #ThirdWednesday Libertarian drinks club.  The eagle eyed among you will spot the first one is on the second Wednesday, but broadly we hope to host on the 3rd Wednesday of each month.

Come and meet us downstairs at The Milan Bar, 14–32 High Street, Croydon, CR0 1YA on Wednesday 13th October, from 7pm.