Covid ‘passports’ – letter to the Prime Minister

Tim Duce writes an open letter to the Prime Minister about the dangerous precedent of vaccine passports.

Tim also shared this petition against vaccine passports –

Dear Prime Minister,

Fact: Most politicians know very little about Medical Science and Technology.

Fact: Politicians consult committees of experts to advise them on any complex subject.

Fact: Most of the members of a committee set up to advise on Medical Science are representatives of pharmaceutical companies.

Question: Are they going to advance the agenda of people like you and me or their agenda and that of their shareholders?

Pharma reps have tried it on a few times before with SARS, Bird ‘flu and Swine ‘flu. They did a pretty good job of terrifying the Blair/Bown government with Swine ‘flu and managed to con them into buying £1.2 Billion pounds worth of pointless vaccine but it didn’t take long before the jig was up. The public began to see through it and an embarrassed government quietly swept it under the carpet.

But, learning from their mistakes, the Pharma reps have done a much better job with Corona Virus/Covid 19.

1. They avoided the word ”flu’ – far too familiar

2. They recommended complete lockdown – a masterstroke, making people desperate to get on with their businesses, their lives and, of course, their holidays!

3. And then there’s the statistics!

To get the statistics into proportion, let’s compare Covid-19 to pneumonia.

Most people on their deathbeds are either in the 70+ age group or have compromised health conditions. These people are usually pushed over the edge by pneumonia or influenza and that is written on the death certificate as cause of death.

Do we then conclude that there is a pneumonia pandemic? No. Instead of going into a blind panic, we see the figures for what they are.

With impressive sleight of hand, the rather similar Covid figures have been INTERPRETED DIFFERENTLY. In cases where Covid-19 has precipitated the deaths of dying people, it has been interpreted that there is a PANDEMIC.

But it gets worse. Having been instructed by our terrified politicians that the global pandemic is ‘a fact’, the usually dependable Office of National Statistics gets caught up in the panic too.

I consulted them for some figures and screenshot twp paragraphs.

When I saw the first paragraph, I thought that maybe I’d got it wrong but THEN I read the truly shocking second paragraph. It tells us that:

In most cases, these highly trained and experienced doctors diagnosed that the patients died of PNEUMONIA OR INFLUENZA  and NOT Covid 19! But then…

A civil servant at the ONS, who I am willing to bet good money was NOT present at any of those deaths, tells us that these doctors GOT IT WRONG!

He tells us that although influenza or pneumonia was entered on the death certificate as the cause of death, “COVID-19 was the UNDERLYINGcause of death…”

How could he possibly know this? He didn’t. This is a perfect TRIUMPH OF BELIEF OVER FACT.

Having ‘statistically proven’ that there is a pandemic, pharma companies have done their best to discredit the cheap, safe, tried and tested treatments which are outside of their licences, promoted new, expensive vaccines and laughed all the way to the bank.

The global economy has been shaken, innumerable people have lost their livelihoods and the pharmaceutical companies’ shareholders have never been happier.

And now vaccine passports? This will be a bonanza for tech companies but is a seriously dangerous precedent. It will be a loss of civil liberty which will increase over time. People will be forced into being vaccinated under threat of not being able to fly, work or socialise. It will be a GOVERNMENT SANCTION OF ASSAULT.

If people want to be vaccinated, let them.

But if they want not to be vaccinated, let them not.

Your hero, Winston Churchill ENDEDID. Cards after WW2. Please do not go down in history as the prime minister who not only brought them back but forced people to receive an incompletely tested vaccine against their will.

There must be no vaccine passports and no employer, airline or any other institution should be allowed to use non vaccination as a justification to refuse access.

Best regards,

Tim Duce


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Date: 21 June 2021
Author: Juliettpapa97