Pubcast 16 – A Year in Review

Mike & Dan meet up in the Foxley Hatch in Purley, to discuss the achievements of the Croydon Constitutionalists in our third year and our hopes for the year ahead.

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Pubcast 7 – Our Inaugural Year in Review Pubcast 7 – Our Inaugural Year in Review

Our first post on our web site was on 7th May 2018, our first email 17th June 2018.

Just some of the things we’ve done in that time include:

  • Held a Brexit Evening with Chris Philp MP and GLA member David Kurten.
  • Hosted Leavers of London in Croydon with Lucy Harris (now MEP) and Hugh Bennet.
  • Public meeting and street stall with the TaxPayers’ Alliance.  Which had considerable press coverage.
  • Had our Debate for Democracy.  Something we hope to repeat, with participants from the SDP, UKIP, Foundation Party, Democrats and Veterans, and Libertarian Party..
  • Held Street stalls in Brexit street stalls in Croydon, Addiscombe, Thornton Heath, Caterham and Wallington, and Leafleted Sarah Jones’ office
  • Become the Leavers of Croydon, held multiple drinks and were with the Leavers of Britain in Parliament Square on the 29th March.
  • Published interviews with Chris Mendes Leader Foundation party, Croydon UKIP Chair Hoong Wai Cheah and Libertarian Party Local Candidate Sean Finch.
  • We’ve even made the sacrifice of reporting from Berlin and from the Libertarian Party of Orange County Califonia Committee Meet

We visit The Skylark in South Croydon where we discuss these and other achievements of the Croydon Constitutionalists in our inaugural year. Now on Spreaker and iTunes and below on YouTube

Here’s to another year!