Britain’s Opportunities outside the EU meeting 24 May 2018 – Chris Philp MP videos

On 24th May Chris Philp MP and London Assembly Member David Kurten spoke in Croydon on Britain’s Opportunities outside the EU.  You can watch Chris Philp’s speeches and Q&A at the links below.

Chris Philp’s speech

Chris Philp’s Q&A Part 1

Chris Philp’s Q&A Part 2

Chris Philp’s Q&A Part 3

4 thoughts on “Britain’s Opportunities outside the EU meeting 24 May 2018 – Chris Philp MP videos”

  1. Rather than talking about how the UK can seize the opportunities that arise from Brexit, Mr Philp focuses the large substance of his speech on how to minimise the fallout. He only pays lip service to the benefits of Brexit.

    So it doesn’t sound like he believes in Brexit at all. He talks about believing in democracy, but I really doubt he will stop fighting for the Conservative party if democracy votes for a Corbyn-McDonnell government.

  2. Sigh. Despite almost repeating the £350M/week dividend (really? Hasn’t he read the government’s predictions for the cost of Brexit under different scenarios?), it is clear from the sensible answers to the questions that our MP knows perfectly well that Brexit is a monumental act of self-harm, but will still, as always, vote with the party. Any chance of voting to “consult our fellow citizens” (which he claims, as a democrat, is a good thing) over the final deal? I’m not holding my breath to see his name supporting the amendment this week. Can we have Anna Soubry in Coulsdon for the next election please?

    1. Today’s annocements show the £350m is not proving to be a lie. The lie is senarios from Project Fear.

      Let’s fully leave and move to WTO terms. Then maybe we should have a vote on a new Trade Agremenr with the EU that would be reasonable. Anything else is just a way to try to stop Brexit.

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