‘Boris Johnson Won’t Extend Brexit Transition Period’ – Sputnik Radio Interview

EU trade commissioner Phil Hogan has claimed that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will go back on his promise not to further extend the so called Brexit transition period.

Sputnik spoke with Michael Swadling from the Croydon Constitutionalists to get his views on the matter.

“the EU is frankly the past and maybe it just doesn’t know it yet”

“the UK will want to prove economically the huge benefit of trading with the part of the world that’s working and growing, which is basically everywhere other than the EU, rather than being tied to the part of the world that has stagnated for a decade and that is the EU”

Full article at https://sputniknews.com/analysis/201912311077910300-boris-johnson-wont-extend-brexit-transition-period–political-commentator/.
Audio below: