Boris Johnson is the ‘Best Available Choice’ to Become Tory Leader – Mike Swadling on Sputnik Radio

Mike Swadling of the Croydon Constitutionalists was interviewed about the Conservative Party Leadership contest on Sputnik Radio.

“Once they’ve left the EU I think he’s got a chance. It’s not just about that for the Conservative Party, they haven’t been Conservatives since the day David Cameron took over, so they need to do something to fight for their core constituencies and deliver for them, but first of all they have to deliver for democracy,” the political campaigner said.

“There is a set of people in Westminster who didn’t want us to leave, which is perfectly reasonable because people can differ, but they have ignored the vote which is unreasonable, and it’s a disgusting act by them.

“they’ve not stopped doing everything they can to ignore the democratic wish of the British people, they are unfit for office, they are unfit for public life, and they keep proving that time and time again”

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