Analyst on May’s Deal: ‘Anyone Doing Anything Would Have Been Better Than This’

Croydon Constitutionalist Mike Swadling speaking to Daniel Rowell on Sputnik News UK.

There is no “no deal “Brexit; there’s reverting to WTO terms. We’d become one of the one hundred and seventy odd countries in the world outside the EU. Some of them are quite successful; you may have heard of the US, China, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Campaigner on Corbyn’s BBC Proposals – Sputnik News Radio Interview

Mike Swadling from the Croydon Constitutionalists interviewed on Sputnik News Radio about Jeremy Corbyn’s proposals to fund the BBC and take further government control of our media.

“A poll tax disproportionately hurting the poorest families in this country is what the BBC is. It pays for multi-millionaires like Gary Lineker and some of their other stars.”

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