Battling over Brexit in Croydon – Croydon Citizen Article

Max Shirley writes in the Croydon Ciziten with a local look at Brexit.
ers plan. Opposing views from Peter Underwood and Mike Swadling are covered in the article online at

Keep involved at lets ensure democracy is honored and fully Leave the EU.

Leavers of London in Croydon

Leavers of London came to Croydon on Tuesday 17th July at the Green Dragon Pub. A great night meeting up with likeminded people from across our town, across London and as far away as Torquay!

Lucy Harris the group’s founder spoke about the group and the guest appearance from her famous bag. Hugh Bennett also gave us an update on the Chequers plan.

Register here to find out details of regular Leavers of London events, and here for future Brexit and Classical Liberal events from in and around Croydon.

Photos from the night:

For the sake of democracy, please DON’T vote

In a thought provoking article Hoong-Wai writes who he believes “voting without being sufficiently aware of what policies and personalities you are supporting, you only contribute to the electoral noise.”